10 Tips to visit the beach of Los Muertos

Ten recommendations that you'll sure appreciate when you decide to prepare your visit to the great beach of los Muertos, because you no mistake it's a great beach, but like all great things also has its challenges.

Let's start: the path separating the beach and the parking has a medium difficulty or medium to high (it is very difficult to guess the agility of my readers) are about 700 m steep path, a canyon through which descend with chance of slipping at some parts, 15 minutes to show your motor skills.

1. Choose this beach if you have a day or at least a full morning or afternoon to visit it, otherwise it is not worth the effort to go up and down the path, or the anguish that will produce when you've discovered the paradise and you have to leave it immediately.

2. Persons with reduced mobility, we better think about it twice! this beach is a compendium of inaccessibility, starting from the bumpy path down and finishing in the shore: the entrance to the sea with has considerable gap, quickly grab depth. Cabo de Gata has beautiful beaches where access is more easy if you're disabled, we recommend the information on this page.

3. Because to road conditions, not carrying too much weight and things, you must forget to carry watermelon, table game chairs and loungers, three fridges with supplies, soccer goal .... Better carry a backpack with a couple of sandwiches and some drinks, umbrella and towels).

4. To go up and down the damn path that separates the parking lot from the beach, you have to wear proper footwear (I'm still remembering when I went down with my wooden sandals ... every time I skidded I said bye to the world, but luckily the world not said goodbye to me, just wanted to make me see the difference between the outfit needed in Marbella beach Club and the beach of Los Muertos).

5. Personally I am not in favor of taking children to places of difficult access, that would make evacuation difficult in case of accident and we know that children are often prone to accidents (heatstroke, allergies, sprains) to this I must add as discussed in section 2 "the entrance to the sea has a considerable gap, and covers quickly" ... yet, on the beach of the dead there are children!

Visit beach of los muertos Spain

6 .I'm serious, if you have problems with the capacity of your short-term memory, just remember this: This beach is REALLY DANGEROUS with strong wind from east. Do not bathe if you see the waves are breaking hard, because the beach is short and it is very hard to leave the water! Throughout the year and summer there are many days without wind or west wind, to enjoy a safe swim at the beach of Los Muertos.

7. Rather than a recommendation is a request, it is a virgin beach with no bins or containers, remember that ALL things that you've bring with you, you must carry back! The beach does not want your "memories".

8. As I said in point 2 "Doesn't carry much weight", well that's what some people done, they dispense with the weight of their bathing suits on the beach of Los Muertos. As other beaches of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar, textile and nudism have complacent coexistence . If you are strong defender of one of the two sides, this is not your kingdom.

9. And now that you have come to the beach let's enjoy paradise! snorkeling in the crystal clear turquoise waters, enjoy of its shore, fine and exquisite white stones to turn you into a crunchy luxury. Consider the symmetry of the landscape, feel yourselves protected by the mountains that jealously guard the beach .... Oh and don't look to the left because you will see a thermal plant discrepant with the landscape.

10. We have spoken of the descent but the rise is not less difficult, when we get all day enjoyed on the beach and water you must having saved some strength to rise and also it's a good idea not climb the hill during peak sun hours.

Posted in english on mayo 24, 2019.

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