Best Almeria beaches

With 217 kilometers of coastline, Almería has some of the best beaches in Spain. From Pulpí to Adra you could find countless corners of coast where extend our towel and feel in paradise, secluded beaches, beaches in urban areas, beaches with Blue Flag accreditation, and small coves to discover. But if there are beaches that really amaze travelers visiting Almeria for their virginity and isolation are the beaches of Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. This little pocket guide serves to expose the top ten beaches of Almeria.

Los Muertos beach

Los Muertos - Top ten beaches of Almeria

For its isolation, the beach access is not easy; for the quality of its sand, it consists in small stones that do not let your body full of sand; for its clean water, you'll find the most intense turquoise water of the park; or for the cliffs that surround it. Any of these reasons is enough to visit, according to many, one of the best beaches in Spain.

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Monsul beach

Mónsul - Top ten beaches of Almeria

Very famous beach of Cabo de Gata protagonist of many film and TV shoots. Fine sand and water with almost no input slope, ideal for the whole family. It is located in the middle of an area known as the Genoese Campillo de los Genoveses, an almost completely uninhabited place. which guarantees a secluded and pristine beach. Visitors feel surprised by the volcanic formations that make up the walls on both sides of the creek and for the impressive rock placed in the center of the sand.

Genoveses Beach

Genoveses - Top ten beaches of Almeria

This long beach forms a cove that once was used as a natural harbor to dock ships, currently is used by swimmers and windsurfers as one of the best beaches in Almeria. The sand is very fine and a feature of this beach is the vegetation found on his back.

Enmedio cove

Enmedio cove - Top ten beaches of Almeria

Recently he was chosen by a prestigious newspaper among the best beaches in Europe. It is totally isolated it can only be reached by walking or a track only practicable by 4 × 4. Very fine sand, crystal clear water and pristine white rock geological formations that enter the ocean as tongue stones, are its main attractions.

El Playazo beach

El Playazo - Top ten beaches of Almeria

This stunning beach is the natural outlet to the sea that has Rodalquilar village, it's isolated about three kilometers from the village, but access is easy. Walk to beach, on your left, there is the castle of San Ramón, built on a fossil dune. If we follow the path past the castle can see the beautiful cliffs of La Molata path.

The sand is fine and golden, the input to the sea is progressive, ideal for family. The right side of the beach is frequented by people who practice nudism, as in other parts of the Park coexistence between nudists and non-nudists is friendly and natural.

La Fabriquilla Beach

La Fabriquilla - Top ten beaches of Almeria

This secluded beach is situated between the vast beach of Las Salinas and the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata. Among the benefits of this beach, are sand and shelter. The sand is composed of very small stones that easily shake when you want to wipe and also is very nice to lie down and walking. The beach is sheltered between two masses of rock forming a small cove that protect you from the wind, usually when the west wind blows and the beach of Salinas is with many waves, the water in the Fabriquilla is much quieter.

San Pedro Cove

San Pedro Cove - Top ten beaches of Almeria

Paradigm of isolation, freedom and purity. This cove is accessible only on foot or by sea, the road from Las Negras is one hour walking or 15 minutes by boat. When we get you'll find a splendid beach with vegetation at his back, a ruined castle and a water source, something quite extraordinary in the Cabo de Gata Park.

This place has been chosen by some people as a point of temporary residence, living in makeshift shelters that are sometimes nothing more than a mattress and stars as roof.

Plomo Cove

Plomo Cove - Top ten beaches of Almeria

This cove is at the end of the Rambla del Plomo. It is reached via a track with a length of 4.5 kilometers, located on the road between Agua Amarga and Las Negras, in the way we find a singular case of architecture, a fortified farmhouse.

Cala del Plomo has some vegetation, and its side you'll find fossilized dunes entering sea as tongue stones.

Agua Amarga Beach

Agua Amarga - Top ten beaches of Almeria

Ideal place to visit with very young children, has a very large parking next to the beach and how it's an urban beach so it has all the necessary services. The beach is sandy and gradual entrance, on the right side of the beach there are small caves carved into the rock that will delight the little ones. On the left are the remains of mineral loading, this was used for loading on ships ore was mined at Lucainena, inside Almería. Today the railway line linking the beach Agua Amarga with the interior of the province of Almería has become a Parkway 40 miles.

Las Salinas beach

Las Salinas - Top ten beaches of Almeria

This is the longest beach of Cabo de Gata Natural Park, 5 kilometers of straight and fairly wide beach. This beach is great to not feel overwhelmed, because being so great, always you'll keep a good distance with the sunshade of our swimmer neighbor , and also you can always plant the towel at first line of sea. Next to the beach there is the Church of Salinas, one of the emblems of Cabo de Gata, and the bird sanctuary of Salinas, where there are several places to watch birds.

I invite you to leave your opinion and lists of favorite beaches in the comments.

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