How to get to Cala San Pedro

To get to Cala San Pedro in summer we recommend the boat route, because the car park will be full and the road is in full sun. At any other time of year, especially spring, we recommend you to walk the path because it is a very beautiful walk where we can contemplate the essence of the Natural Park.

The road to Cala San Pedro starts in the town of Las Negras, next to the Estanquillo farmhouse with the coordinates 36 ° 53'10.6 "N 2 ° 00'19.5" W. Here is a picture of Google Maps where exactly the road starts:

Camino San Pedro Google Maps

Here begins the dirt road, in poor condition, that is passable by car, the beginning of the road is the part that is worse, there are many large stones that can damage the wheels or the base of the car, so many people decide to leave the car here . This is a picture of the beginning of the road:

Camino Cala San Pedro
Beginning of the path to Cala San Pedro

After about 2 kilometers we will reach the car park. There is room for a few cars but it is not very big, it may be full in summer and you'll have to leave the car on the side of the road.

Aparcamiento Cala San Pedro
Parking Cala San Pedro

From this point there are still 2 kilometers to walk. The road is narrow and typical of mountain.

Parte del camino a Cala San Pedro
Part of the road to Cala San Pedro

Although the views are worth it.

Vistas desde el camino a San Pedro
Views from the road to San Pedro

The last kilometer of the path is next to cliffs and is not advisable for children or people who are not fit. Be careful with slips and trips with stones, as a slip could be mortal.

Parte del camino Las Negras - San Pedro
Part of the road to Cala San Pedro

In this area we will have a great view of the cove that will surprise us by the turquoise color of the water.

Playa de Cala San Pedro
Cala San Pedro beach

There is some slippery area where a rope has been installed as a handrail. The road passes behind the castle and around the fountain area.

After the castle we will pass some hippie houses and in a short time we will be in the sand of the beach.

Until we reach the Castle, that is almost at the end of the road, we will not find a single shadow, so it is not convenient to forget to wear a hat, sunscreen and water.

Acantilados en camino a San Pedro
Cliffs on the way to San Pedro

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