Information about the Coronavirus in Cabo de Gata (Update 07/15/2020)

Update 07/15/2020

Starting today, the use of face masks is mandatory in the streets and on beach accesses. The new regulations require wearing the mask when we access the beach and when we are walking on it. It is not necessary to use a mask when we are bathing or resting on our towels.

The municipality of Níjar has hung some informative posters at the entrance to the beaches remembering the prevention measures against COVID-19 infections. These are the rules and recommendations:

  1. Take a shower before coming to beach.
  2. Safely travel to the beach following the rules and recomendations.
  3. Plan your visit to the beach in advance, and avoid the busiest times.
  4. Pay attention to the information signs.
  5. Keep a safe distance to avoid contagion, 2 meters, and extend it in case of wind.
  6. Maintain a minimun distance of 4 meters between sunshades.
  7. When you walk around the beach always stay to your right.
  8. Avoid contact with foreign objects o common use. Do not share objects.
  9. Individual hygiene measures: Clean clothes and bath accesories. Use flip flops or footwear. Use one towel per person. Constant hand hygiene. Avoid touch nouse and month with your hand and swallowing sea water.
  10. Do not walk away from the shore or swim in prohibited areas.
  11. Avoid to taking sand, shells or rocks from the beach.
  12. Do not leave a trace of your presence, take your rubbish with you.
  13. Stay at home if you have symptoms and contact the health system: +34 900 40 00 61

Update 6/6/2020

To this day it is still a mystery how we'll can enjoy the beaches of Cabo de Gata next summer once the outbreak of Coronavirus of this spring is over.

For now it seems clear that, thanks to the process of de-escalation of the confinement, this summer we will being able to bathe in the beaches, but the question is what kind of restrictions will there be when using this public space.

The government has not yet decided

For now, the opening of the bath in beaches is scheduled for June 8, which is when phase 3 of the de-escalation would enter, if all the indicators are favorable. The spokesperson for the Coronavirus Management Committee, Fernando Simón, has clarified that although the issue of beach use has not yet been put on the table, it is clear that it will have to be regulated in some way.

Phases of COVID-19 de-escalation

These are the phases of de-escalation and what activities will be allowed. Each phase will last a minimum of 2 weeks. And that the transition from one phase to another will not be homogeneous throughout Spain, each autonomous community may advance from phase if the requirements imposed by the Government are met. For now, Almería, being one of the provinces with the fewest cases of coronavirus, is passing phase in the established dates.

Phase 0 (May 4)

Accompanied walks. You can walk along the beach if it is within a kilometer radius of your home. Sport individually. You can practice surf. Opening of small shops by appointment

Phase I (approx. May 11)

The inhabitants of the same dwelling may travel together in the same car. Social gatherings of up to 10 people. Opening of small shops, premises less than 400 square meters. The bars with terrace may open, with a maximum of 50% of capacity of the terrace. Hotels and tourist accommodation will open.

Phase II (approx. May 25)

Travel to second homes is allowed within the same province. Opening of the interior of restaurants, maximum 50% of the capacity. Hunting and fishing will be allowed. Opening of cinemas and theaters, limited to one third of the capacity.

Phase III (approx. June 8)

Opening of beaches, including security measures and distance, not yet defined. Displacement within the same province. Expansions in the occupation of spaces in commerce and restoration. Hotels may open their common areas. The use of swimming pools will not be allowed yet.

End of de-escalation (approx. June 22)

The steps to be taken to return to normal remain to be seen. From this page we will try to continue informing about the measures that affect visitors to the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

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